Unwrapping the Secrets of Aluminum Foil: 18 Foil-Wrapped Life Hacks You Must TRY to Believe!

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The history of aluminum foil can be traced back to France in 1903 where the material was used to package chocolate bars. Fast forward to 1913 and the United States has followed suit, taking care to package Life Savers in their shiny little tubes. Now, almost 100 years later, aluminum foil is in use for roughly one ba-jillion different things. Whether you need to reduce aches and pains or create a makeshift funnel, you’ll be impressed by the different uses foil has in today’s environment.

Today, we are going to uncover 18 of the secret life hacks that aluminum foil can provide!

Create a Makeshift Funnel

How many handy funnels do you keep around your house? If you are like most people, or at least most young people, the answer is a resounding zero. When you need a quick funnel, grab your package of aluminum foil. Simply create a foil cone with the material and re-use as needed.

Foil funnels are pretty fun, but you won’t believe what else we can do with aluminum foil!

Quickly Iron Your Clothing

Did you know that you can quickly iron your clothing by using aluminum foil? It’s true! Merely layer your ironing board with foil before setting your clothing item atop the foil. The clothing will iron on both sides at the same time thanks to the foil, thus saving you a bit of time and energy!

Keep Your Scissors Sharp

If you have blunt scissors or a knife that seems to be losing its edge, you can remedy the issue with aluminum foil. All you have to do is take a segment of foil before cutting it over and over again with your blade. As you cut and re-cut the same material, the blade will get sharper along the way.

Enjoy Drip-Free Ice Cream Cones

Who doesn’t love an ice cream cone on a hot summer day? You can use aluminum foil to prevent your ice cream cone from dripping all over your shirt. This is particularly helpful if you have children, too! Simply wrap the bottom of the cone with a piece of oil to act as a drip tray. Easy!

Eradicate That Static Cling

If you are struggling with static cling on your clothing, you don’t have to give up! Simply grab some aluminum foil and bunch it into a ball. Rub the ball across the clothing that you are struggling with and watch in wonder as the static cling vanishes. Who knew it could be so easy?

Protect Your Garden

If you are a gardener then you likely take great pride in how your garden looks. If you are struggling with pests, you can consider using aluminum foil to keep them at bay. Simply cut down and mix strips of aluminum foil into the mulch of your garden. The foil will reflect light while also actively deterring problematic pests.

Get Rid of a Cold

Some users argue that you can use aluminum foil to get rid of a nasty cold. If you want to give this a shot, wrap up to five sheets of aluminum foil around your feet. Leave on for an hour before removing, briefly. Repeat this process twice a night for two nights and assess your progress.

Craft the Perfect Pie Crust

The next time you decide to bake a pie, make sure that you have some handy aluminum foil nearby. When you are prepared to put your pie in the oven, make sure that you wrap the edges of the sweet treat with foil to prevent the edges from burning. This will allow your pie to get perfectly cooked without any burnt crust.

Quickly Wake Yourself Up

If you are trying to pull an all-nighter, you might need something more than just caffeine to keep you going. Apparently, you can fight fatigue by freezing a few sheets of aluminum foil for up to four hours. Put the cold sheets on your face after a few hours, focusing on your cheeks and eyelids. With any luck, you should be invigorated and ready with a new boost of energy!

Scrub Your Silverware Clean

You don’t have to be wealthy to enjoy gleaming silverware. If you have some aluminum foil, a tray, and some silverware then you can have visibly cleaner silverware at home in minutes. Of course, you’ll need some baking soda and boiled water, too. Fill a tray or sink with warm water, baking soda, and salt. Swish the mixture around to dissolve it before applying.

Make Moving Furniture Easier

If you’ve got heavier pieces of furniture that you are struggling to move, foil can help! Simply add a sheet of aluminum foil to the feet of your furniture. The foil will allow the furniture to slide easier, thus allowing you to actually move that troublesome couch or table!

Boost Your WiFi Signal

Who doesn’t want to enjoy faster wireless internet? If you can’t afford a WiFi Booster, consider making a screen out of aluminum foil. Attach the screen to a surface behind your WiFi router before angling the screen toward your device. The single will be boosted in the direction that the screen is facing.

Protect Handles While Painting

Whether you are painting your bathroom or renovating your entire home, keeping your handles clean and clear of paint can be important. If you have special door knobs and handles that you want to protect, consider wrapping them in aluminum foil before you begin. This will allow you to paint all the way to the edge of the handle without touching the knob.

Save Your Breakfast Food From Burning

If you don’t have any oil at home but you can find some aluminum foil, you can still cook with ease! You can layer your cooking pan with a sheet of aluminum foil to create a surface that allows you to cook without oil. As a result, you should have more control over your meal without worrying about burning it.

Quickly Relieve Joint Paint

Whether you are struggling with age-related joint pain or something due to an injury, you might find relief with aluminum foil. Apparently, you can wrap foil around your injured joint before covering it with a bandage. Sleep with the bandage-and-foil on nightly for about a week, assessing daily as you go.

Keep Bread Warm and Tasty

The next time that you bake a loaf of bread, make sure to reach for the aluminum foil shortly after. If you wrap up a fresh loaf of bread, you’ll find that the baked good keeps better than ever. The foil allows the heat to stay with your bread, thus keeping the food warm for quite a while.

Extend the Life of Cheap Batteries

If your batteries are running low and you need them to keep going for a little longer, aluminum foil might present a solution. You can use AAA batteries as AA batteries if you have a bit of foil handy. Simply put foil against the positive tips of the battery so that they will stay in place when you remove your hand. This is a short-term solution, so be quick to pick up fresh batteries when you can.

Make a DIY Frying Pan

If you ever find yourself in front of a fire without a frying pan, you can make do with a bit of aluminum foil. Create two layers of your favorite heavy-duty foil before wrapping the edges of the material against a forked stick. Leave foil hanging between the sticks to create a bed for your food to cook within.8.5.1 


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