Hilarious Airport Fails

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Are you in need of an adventure, a romantic get-away or a jet-setter vacation? Most of these require heading to the dreaded airport. Between thesecurity line maze, having to walk on dirty carpet at security, sitting next to a gentlemen in need of tissues and of course, the baggage claim line, an airport is the ‘Fun House’ of air travel.

There are so many things that can potentially go wrong, it’s no wonder everyone has had an airport nightmare to share.

Airports are:

• A needed place for long distance vacation departures
• Gateways to family members across the world
• Full of interesting people from all walks of life

And, a most fascinating place where people exhibit behavior that confuses and amuses d when witnessed.

A sleeping parent and bored children are an interesting combination. Won’t he be happy when he awakens to find his daughters have decided he was the perfect scrapbook? It is better than his daughters testing him as a pincushion


The airport employees look back proudly as they admire their own neat handy work. They must have missed the department meeting that reminded the airport employees that luggage should be placed on the conveyor belt if there is any chance the luggage will arrive with the passenger.


It appears that it is nearly impossible for a mom to hold her infant and tie up her laces. It is lucky that the conveyor belt is a kid-friendly flat rollercoaster nearby. I hope she knows that the end of the ride is only a few feet away.


This individual is fast asleep in their most comfortable position, if you are a magician’s assistant. She does, however, need to work on her foot position before the next show.


Need a lift to the airport? There are car rides available from friends, taxis, Uber-drivers, buses and motorcycles. There is only one caveat for those choosing to ride on two-wheels:
Your Luggage must have working wheels!


The amazing field of technology has designed a way to help avoid the confusion of similar-looking luggage at the baggage claim. No longer do you need to place a ribbon on the handle, or write you name with a Sharpie across the suitcase to ensure you pickup your luggage. Now you can simply plaster your picture digitally for all to see.


Airlines have added a new class of passengers – ‘The Wait on the Outside Staircase Elite Class.


There are some moments at the airport when a lover is required to separate from their beloved. For those who love PDA’s (Public Displays of Affection), this sign is for you!


The security lines at most airports are quite long. While transportation experts explain that it is just a ‘slow process’, they have seemed to not fully understand how the Transportation Security Administration’s security staff playing Solitaire on the computer might just slow down the pace of the security check-in process.


The airlines and airports advise you to arrive at the departure airport a few hours in advance. This is to ensure you are there early enough NOT to miss your flight. One of the fundamental reasons for an early arrival is to give you a chance to find the status of your flight, among hundreds other.


Would you say this plane hit the building or would you say the hangar door was lowered with the plane improperly parked?


Alaska is still a state considered significantly undeveloped. This is because of the unpredictable cold weather and especially the rough terrain. So when arriving, they allow passengers to deplane by either Steps or an inflatable slide. Talk about adventure!


The Transportation Services Administration can sometimes overlook the obvious. This marine’s uniform is 10% metal.


If you arrive late at the airport, make sure you have sneakers on, a pushy attitude and bumpers if you need to cross this terminal. You will pass people of every age, size, color, and nationality, so be ready.


People are really quite talented and willing to display their talents in ‘out of context’ ways. It is unusual though, to find gymnasts who find it relaxing to combine a handstand while reading and waiting for their flight to depart.


If you didn’t know what a ‘Durian’ was (see picture below), you would likely guess it was a bomb, however, more importantly, it looks like it is a violation that it does not generate a fine. Whereas, the inclusion of a pet or animal levies a $500 fine.

Durian: A fruit, also known as a jackfruit.


Some weary travelers find comfort in reading the newspaper, or doing the crossword puzzle in the newspaper. Then there are others who find ways to use a newspaper for a blanket or even a hat.


It appears that airport security has no idea about the concept of homophones.


When you miss your flight, all hotels are full and you know no one for thousands of miles, the last resort is to use anything you can find to catch some Z’s, even the terminal floor. Just make sure you find a shower quickly.


We all must endure the pitfalls of air travel, so it is best to just smile.


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