96-Year-Old Homeowner Reveals a Piece of History After Listing Property For Sale!

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When realtors Gladys and Carla Spizzirri were contacted to represent the sale of 148 Jane Street in Toronto, they didn’t know what they were getting into. The sister-realtor duo had been working together for years and they knew that a home on Jane Street could be worth a heck of a lot. When the realtor sisters found out that the property had been owned by the same 96-year-old homeowner for over 70 years, they knew they were in for something special.

Let’s take a closer look as a 96-year-old homeowner reveals a piece of history after listing her property for sale!

A Piece of Real Estate History For Sale

There is nothing quite so exciting as stepping into a piece of property that you are interested in purchasing. For most properties, a layer of mystery will hang in the air as you look from one room to the next. When Gladys and Carla Spizzirri were called to represent an elderly woman named Joyce, they knew that they would be helping someone who needed their assistance.

Joyce revealed to Gladys and Carla during their initial conversations that she had owned her Jane Street home for over 70 years. With a property that old, maintained by a single owner, there is no telling what can happen behind closed doors. 

What were Carla and Gladys getting themselves into?

Hiring The Right Realtors For the Job

Joyce and her husband had purchased the home at 148 Jane Street upon getting married. When Joyce had moved into the property, the city of Toronto had looked quite different. Purchasing a home in the 1950s was much different than it is today. When you made a purchase back then, you had a real opportunity to turn around your investment. 

Carla and Gladys knew that they had potentially found a diamond in the rough. Unfortunately, the realtor sisters didn’t know what they would find on the other side of the front door. Before any further action could be taken, the sisters had to talk to Joyce.

Agreeing to the Initial Estimate

When Joyce and Carla spoke over the phone, Carla could tell that Joyce was an elderly woman. The realtors still had no idea that she was close to 100 years old! The conversation made it clear that Joyce had her doubts about selling the home. She explained that she had lived there her entire life up to and past her husband’s passing. 

Carla wanted to make sure that Joyce was truly ready to sell the home.

Location, Location, Location

After their conversation on the phone, Joyce and Carla agreed that they would move forward with the sale. The property was in a fantastic neighborhood that had seen exponential growth in recent years. The area had turned into a cultural hotspot in Toronto which meant that its value was likely through the roof.

Introducing Our Hero, Joyce

Joyce had chosen the property alongside her husband at a time when Toronto was on the up-and-up. World War II was in the rear-view mirror and the Canadian economy was doing great. Toronto had not yet turned into an international hot-spot which meant that there was still affordable property to be had.

Learning About the Location

This section of Toronto had recently gained a reputation for being home to the wealthier residents of the city. What’s more, the Jane Street property was located next to a thriving area brimming with storefronts, boutique hotels, and delicious eateries. Who wouldn’t want to live in such a trendy location?

The Big Day Arrives

After several conversations over the phone, the Spizzirri sisters arrived at Jane Street for their inspection. The Spizzirri sisters knew that this moment would either make or break the potential for a sale. They were excited at the prospect of helping Joyce sell her home, but they still had a few lingering doubts.

Carla and Gladys Have Doubts

The biggest concern that Carla and Gladys shared was how long Joyce had owned the property. In some instances, single-property owners can be a blessing. In other situations, single-property owners can lead to frustration. Take, for example, modernization. Did Joyce and her husband upgrade their home throughout the many decades of their ownership?

Stepping Into a Different Era

Ultimately it didn’t really matter what Joyce and her husband had done to the property. The building had been constructed at a time when properties were built-to-last. Joyce had clearly taken pride in her ownership of the property. After all, Joyce was still in the building almost six decades after she purchased it!

Walking Up the Front Steps

With camera in hand and hope in their hearts, Carla and Gladys strode up the steps and to the front door. With a knock and a few seconds of waiting, Carla and Gladys were ready to step through the threshold and into a piece of living history.

The Big Reveal

Carla and Gladys weren’t sure what to expect when they entered the property, but they were blown away all the same. It was immediately clear just how immaculate the property was from the foyer alone. The walls were carefully decorated and every inch of the entrance was carefully designed.

Kept In Immaculate Shape

The longer Carla and Gladys spent in the property, the more they were impressed. The seemingly small and old house had become a time capsule and living testament to Joyce’s past. The entire home was perfectly captured as if frozen in time, a snapshot of the ’50s and ’60s.

Stunning Design Work By Joyce

As Joyce led the realtors around the home, she regaled the sisters with tales from her past. Joyce had purchased the home with her husband, though he had passed away before her. Prior to his passing, her husband had told Joyce to decorate the home to her heart’s content, leaving just the basement for his purposes. 

Joyce had grown to love decorating and maintaining the home, as was easy to see.

Beautiful Home From Every Angle

From one room to the next, the realtors were grinning ear-to-ear while snapping photographs. The kitchen was a relic of the past but Joyce had done enough work to maintain an air of modernity. Joyce revealed that she had already had major updates performed on her kitchen, a sigh of relief was soon to follow by Carla and Gladys.

Importance of the Home to Joyce

During the tour, Joyce explained that she had lived in just this one single property her entire adult life. Each room was brimming with touching memories from the woman’s past. Selling this home would be hard, so the realtors knew that they had to get as much for the property as possible to make it worth it for Joyce.

Her Late Husband’s Mancave

After discussing her late husband’s basement, Joyce would lead the realtors downstairs for a full exploration. The room was decked out as her husband had left it prior to his passing. Joyce had decided to leave the room untouched in memory of her late and beloved husband.

The Listing Goes Viral

With a price tag hovering near $1 million, the realtors weren’t sure how quickly they would get called about the property. In an unbelievable stroke of good fortune, the realtors would watch as the time capsule home went viral almost immediately! Seemingly overnight, the home was getting offers from around the world!

Making the Big Sale

Fortunately for the Spizzirri sisters and Joyce, the home was quick to sell to an interested buyer. The property sold for just shy of a million dollars, thus giving Joyce the perfect send-off before she relocated to live with her children and their children in America.

What do you think about Jane Street? Do you think there is a time capsule home like this near you?


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