18 Hotel Travel Hacks That Will Level Up Your Next Vacation!

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Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, staying at a hotel is just part of the experience. No matter if you are staying at a 5-star resort or a discounted motel, you will want to make sure that you are ready for your journey! Today, we are going to compile 18 hotel travel hacks that will level up your next vacation!

Reduce Hallway Noise

Even in the finest of hotels, dealing with noise from the hallway can be a deal-breaker. We’ve all had those horrific hotel stays where the neighbors just won’t stop blasting their music. While you can’t demand their silence, you can put a towel beneath your door to block the bulk of the noise. Is it satisfying? No. Does it work? Absolutely!

Emergency Bottle Opener

Hotels are used as often for travel as they are for parties. If you need to crack open a cold one but you don’t have a bottle opener, this tip will save you! All you need to do is use the locking bar above your door. Slide your bottle in and give your cold one a twist. Or you could just bring a bottle opener — but still!

Absolute Hotel Room Darkness

Sleeping in a hotel is hard enough without being buried in sunlight in the morning. If you need a couple of extra hours of dark shut-eye, make sure you have a pants hanger ready! This special type of hanging device has clips that can be used to shut your hotel room curtains. As you can see in the demonstration, absolute hotel darkness is right at your fingertips!

Be Skeptical of Concierge Services

When you stay at a hotel away from home, the staff can be a wealth of helpful information. With that being said, take all advice that you receive with a grain of salt. Many hotel owners will partner with local businesses to push customers in their direction. Always do your research before accepting a recommendation! 

Ditch Remote Control Germs Forever

What are the dirtiest items inside a hotel room? If you guessed ‘remote control’, you would be correct! For a stress-free night in a hotel room, simply put your remote control inside of a plastic bag or shower cap. You can use the television remote without worrying about all the assorted germs left behind by past guests.

Keep Your Bags off the Bed

What is the first thing you do when you walk into your hotel room? For a lot of people, arriving at their room means flinging their bags onto the bed. If you want to be careful about bed bugs, avoid putting your luggage on the bed when you arrive. Leave your stuff in the closet until you have a chance to look through the room for yourself. 

Stay at a Secret Room

There is an entire hotel experience out there that most people don’t even know about! As it turns out, secret hotel rooms are very much a real thing. These rooms are held by the hotel staff at a discounted rate to keep the rooms filled. Secret hotel rooms can be discounted between 20% and 50% depending on your luck. Call ahead or browse online for these secret room options!

Cold Morning Checkout?

If you are staying some place and you expect the weather to be cold in the morning when you have to check out, this hack will save you some time so you can make sure you are checking out on time. Use a plastic sandwich bag over your side mirrors. This will help save some ice scraping time by not letting your side mirrors get caked in ice.

Key Card Life Hack

Are you tired of bringing your hotel key card with you on every trip to the ice machine? If so, all you need is another card of the same size. Simply slip your backup business card or metro card into the key slot to keep the door unlocked! You will have constant access so long as your card is in the slot.

Skip Room Service

Room service is a great thing if you have no monetary concerns. Unfortunately, the bulk of us needs to be careful with our money. Room service meals are typically overpriced meals that are just middling in quality. The reason that room service is expensive is solely for convenience. If you want to eat cheap while in your hotel room, pack something or shop nearby!

Door Opening Hangar

Did you know that the majority of hotel rooms feature a closet near the door? This is done so that hotel guests can drop off their luggage as quickly and effectively as possible. Now, you can use that close to your advantage when unloading! Simply attach a hangar to the closet bar before using it to prop the door jam open.

Pack Shower Caps

Is there any travel item more flexible than the shower cap? We’re not sure! Shower caps are ideal for storing dirty shoes inside of your luggage. Show caps can also be used to cover your remote control or hotel phone when you use them. As a matter of fact, just bring shower caps with you wherever you go!

Having Trouble Sleeping at Hotel?

One of the tips I want to share with you today came straight off the shot ‘Dr. Oz.’ Dr Oz said if you are having trouble sleeping and having issues relaxing in your bed then try putting a bar of lavender soap under your sheets. The lavender scent will help you relax and help you get a full relaxing sleep.

Coins in the Sink

When you are on vacation, it can be tough to find time to clean your clothing. If your hotel doesn’t have a laundry room, you can cover the sink or tub drain with coins and plastic wrap. The coins keep the plastic wrap in place so that you can fill the tub with hot water and laundry soap. A quick scrub and you’ve got clean clothing in the morning! You can also use this hack to fill your hotel sink with ice for drinks.

Discounted Extended Stays

Did you know that extended stays can result in reduced hotel prices? It’s true! As it turns out, most hotel owners would rather have longer-term guests than short-term visitors. If you are planning to stay somewhere for more than a week, make sure to call ahead and request a discount. The vast majority of hotel managers will be happy to reduce your rate for such a long stay.

Stop Leaking Toiletries

One of the worst things to find in your laundry bag is an open toiletry bottle. If you are tired of filling your luggage with mouth wash, consider putting plastic wrap inside of your toiletry bottles. Once the plastic is in place, you can seal the bottle with its regular lid and never worry about spills again!

Room For One, Please

According to one anonymous hotel manager on the social media website Reddit, always book your hotel room for a single adult. Why? If you tell the hotel that you will have a second guest with you, they will charge an additional fee. The vast majority of hotels do not care if you have an extra person with you if they even notice!

Skip the Minibar

The hotel minibar is an almost mythical creature. Brimming with delicious snacks that are located conveniently in your room, it can be easy to fall prey to this hotel scam. Minibars are overpriced snack machines that will drain your wallet by preying on your immediate needs. Bring snacks and save cash, easy as that!

Add a Splash of Humidity

Trying to sleep in an ultra-dry hotel room can be a tough challenge, to say the least. If you’d like a little humidity in your room, simply dampen a towel before hanging it to dry. Our best suggestion? Lay your damp towel across the suitcase rack before placing it next to the heater. A little humidity will keep that dry air away!

Shop For Price Guarantees

Many prominent hotel chains claim to match the lowest price that you can find. In the age of the internet where Google is just a click away, make sure to shop around! Show Hilton or Marriott other lower-priced rooms to see if you can drop a considerable number off of your reservation. It never hurts to do your research!


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