18 Dish Soap Life Hacks That Can Help You Clean Up Your Routine!

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When we read about life hacks, we are always looking for things that can actually help our lives. We don’t want simple little tricks that we will never use twice! With that frame of mind, we decided to highlight one of the most common cleaning chemicals in households around the country: dish soap.

Today, we are going to introduce you to 18 intriguing dish soap life hacks that can help you to clean up your day-to-day routine!

Clean Oil Stains From Your Driveway

Nobody likes having ugly oil stains in their driveway. If you want to get rid of a few problematic stains, you might first want to address why they are there to begin with. After you’ve done that, you can apply a generous amount of dish soap directly to the oil stain in your driveway. Use a bristle brush to scrub the stain away, adding soap as needed. Rinse your driveway to finish the job.

Say Goodbye to Ants Forever

While we appreciate the ingenuity of an ant colony, we don’t particularly want one growing in our house. When dealing with a potential ant infestation, you can call pest control or you can try to tackle the problem yourself with some dish soap and a sprayer! Mix a couple of drops of dish soap with water into a spray bottle, apply directly to any ants that you see.

Make a Flexible Frozen Ice Pack

If you need a quick and convenient ice pack, you might want to freeze a bit of dish soap! Fill a plastic bag with the dish soap from your kitchen, doing your best to remove all air in the process. Allow the bag to freeze and remove as needed to address your bumps and bruises. These ice packs can be frozen over and again, just make sure that your bag isn’t leaking!

Give Your Grout a Good Cleaning

Everyone enjoys a sparkling bathroom, right? If you want to bring a touch of shine to your household, you can use dish soap to clean out your tiles. Fill a spray bottle roughly halfway with vinegar before heating the mixture. Now, finish filling the bottle with dish soap. Spray the mixture onto your dirty tiles and let it soak for up to ten minutes. Rinse and repeat as needed.

Safely Make Your Jewelry Shine Again

Do you want to add some extra sparkle to your favorite ring? Do you want your earrings to gleam under the lights? If so, mix a tablespoon of dish soap with a bowl of club soda. Allow your favorite jewelry some time to soak before removing it and cleaning the surface with a toothbrush. Avoid cleaning porous stones and opals while using this method.

Club soda and dish soap work together to remove dirt and grime through a gentle cleansing mixture.

Prep For Your Manicure By Removing Natural Oils

Are you preparing for an at-home manicure? Do you want to make sure that your effort isn’t completely wasted? If so, you can prepare for this salon-style service by soaking your nails in dish soap! Simply fill a small bowl with warm water and some dish soap before soaking your fingernails for up to 10 minutes. 

Soaking your nails will make them easier to cut while also stripping away natural oils, thus allowing your nail polish to stick even better.

Improve Your Pool Cleaning Regiment

If you want to keep your pool clean and sparkling for your next swim, don’t forget to keep some dish soap nearby! You can squirt dish soap into your pool where the substance will then force all oils, dirt, and chemical grime toward the edges of your pool. With all of the grime pushed to the outer edge, you can quickly and easily clean up!

De-Fog Clear Surfaces With Ease

Unless you can see through fog, you probably don’t want your mirrors to become shrouded while you are driving. For a quick fix, you can take a small dish of warm water and dish soap and apply the mixture to any windows or glass surfaces that are being overwhelmed by fog. You can apply this mixture to your shower, car, glasses, and more!

Fix a Clogged Toilet

When was the last time that you had a clogged toilet and what did you do? Other than panic, we think that the first thing you should do is grab for a package of Dawn Dish Soap. You can pour a cup of dish soap into a clogged toilet before allowing it to sit for up to 15 minutes. Next, pour a bucket of hot water into the toilet to finish the job.

By the time you completely pour the hot water into the toilet, your clog should be gone!

Deep Clean Your Hair

Typically, you won’t want to use dish soap as a regular addition to your showering regimen. With that said, you can occasionally use dish soap to get rid of nastier and heavier contaminants, such as oil or vaseline.  If you have a child, work with animals, or live in the garden then this might be a great cleaning solution.

Spray Away the Weeds In Your Garden

It is quickly becoming apparent that gardeners should keep dish soap nearby when working with their plants. Not only will dish soap shoo away potential pests, but the bubbly mixture can also rid your garden of problematic weeds. In order to enjoy a weed-free garden, simply mix a tablespoon of salt and vinegar with a teaspoon of dish soap. This concoction can then be applied to your weeds, leaving the plants to die over the next couple of days.

Remove Tough Clothing Stains

Is there anything worse than a tough stain that you just can’t quite seem to get out? Whether you stained your lucky football jersey or your favorite comfy t-shirt, you can reach for your handy dish soap to fix the issue. Simply dip a toothbrush into your soap before rubbing the stain until the mark vanishes. After the mark is removed, dry your clothing to complete the process.

Quick and Easy Flea Bath

If you suspect that your pet might have fleas, it might be a good idea to give them a flea bath. If you want to skip purchasing expensive and potentially harmful flea medicine, you can use dish soap instead. When used as a shampoo in small amounts, dish soap can work to kill fleas while freshening your dog up!

The ONLY Grill Cleaner You Need

Are you the kind of person that loves to grill as soon as the sun comes up? If so, you can get your grill clean for your next session with little more than a bucket, some hot water, and a squirt of Dawn soap. Allow your bucket of hot water and dish soap to hold your grill rack for up to 15 minutes. Scrub your rack and repeat as needed until the grill looks great!

Rejuvenate Your Scalp With Dish Soap

Did you know that you can reset the health of your scalp by washing it with dish soap? While we mentioned that you could use dish soap to deep clean your hair, you can also inspire health and wellness through the same technique. Deep clean your hair once every couple of weeks with dish soap to remove heavy greases and oils from your hair.

Create Windows That Sparkle With Dish Soap

Do you dream of windows that are clean and sparkly? If so, one of the best ways to accomplish this quest is by using dish soap!  All you will need is dish detergent, a bucket, and your favorite squeegee. You’ll only need a few drops of dish soap to a couple of inches of water. Mix the two components before scrubbing your windows with your favorite squeegee.

Keep Ice Off Your Sidewalk

Dealing with ice and snow on your sidewalk can be more than just annoying, it can also become quite dangerous. If you don’t have salt nearby, you can quickly de-ice your walkway with dish soap. Simply mix a teaspoon of rubbing alcohol and a teaspoon of dish soap with roughly half of a gallon of hot water. Pour this mixture over your walkways and be amazed as the ice melts away.

Soap is much safer for your walkway than salt!

Fix Squeaking Hinges Forever

Who wants to deal with squeaky hinges? Unless you live in a Haunted House, you might want to reach for your Dawn Dish Soap to get rid of those squeaky hinges forever. Whether your pantry is squealing or your bedroom door won’t stop squeaking, you can use dish soap as a safe lubricant. 

Did you know you can also use dish soap to clean doorknobs and window hinges, too?


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