They Thought They Were Alone, But The Deputy Didn’t Know A Secret Camera Was Filming Everything

Everyone in the country knows how stressful the job of a deputy sheriff can be.  Many times the problems of the day follow them home, and families have to tip toe around the stressed out deputy to allow for some de-stress time.  One deputy sheriff had his own way of dealing with issues that kept him uptight.  He had a secret place where he would go and rid himself of all anxieties.  His place of refuge was an elevator in the lobby of an old office building that only used the first floor for business purposes.  He would get on the elevator, go up to the top floor and prance around in what he thought was a secret but appealing outfit.

He kept the outfit in a bag on the second floor.  He would change in the elevator, since he knew that no one would see him.  One day, he went through his routine of getting in the elevator and changing.  When he arrived on the top floor, he began to do a strip tease in front of the mirror outside the elevator door.  He really had a good time that day.