Hilarious Airport Fails

Are you in need of an adventure, a romantic get-away or a jet-setter vacation? Most of these require heading to the dreaded airport. Between thesecurity line maze, having to walk on dirty carpet at security, sitting next to a gentlemen in need of tissues and of course, the baggage claim line, an airport is the ‘Fun House’ of air travel.

There are so many things that can potentially go wrong, it’s no wonder everyone has had an airport nightmare to share.

Airports are:

• A needed place for long distance vacation departures
• Gateways to family members across the world
• Full of interesting people from all walks of life

And, a most fascinating place where people exhibit behavior that confuses and amuses d when witnessed.

A sleeping parent and bored children are an interesting combination. Won’t he be happy when he awakens to find his daughters have decided he was the perfect scrapbook? It is better than his daughters testing him as a pincushion